Second Opinion

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We understand the importance of making decision about your dental care requires careful consideration. If you have received a diagnosis or treatment plan from another dentist and would like to consult Dr. Sekhon for a second opinion, we are here to help you. We strongly believe in providing our patients with comprehensive and well-informed options to ensure you receive the best dental care tailored to your unique needs.

Why Second Opinion Matters?

There are many reasons you should get a second opinion from Dr. Sekhon. Here are some of the them.



ย A second expert opinion reinforces the accuracy and necessity of a recommended treatment. You can get a piece of mind knowing that multiple experts have weighed on the treatment.



Once the natural tooth is extracted, the procedure canโ€™t be reversed.


Cost & Time

Each treatment has its own cost and time. With alternative options, you can make a well-informed decision regarding the financial and time commitments involved.


No-Cost ($0)*

Seriously, we are not joking! Itโ€™s FREE if you bring the treatment plan and records (X-rays) from your dentist. Not only that if we confirm that you need the treatment, we will offer you 10% off of your treatment.

Alternative Options

We carefully evaluate and discuss all the possible course of actions. We inform you about all the available options and their consequences. We will also let you know our recommended action plan that aligns with your long-term value, budget and preferences.

Ready to Get a Second Opinion

Our dedicated team is available to provide you with expert insights, alternative options and personalized treatment plans. Call us now to schedule your second opinion consultation and take control of your dental well-being!

*Must present a physical or electronic copy of the treatment plan and X-Rays from your current dentist to receive a no-charge second opinion! No exceptions! You can send them securely to our email at