Preventive Dental Care – Your Path to Lifelong Healthy Oral Care

There is a common saying that “prevention is better than cure.” It’s so true and we highly believe that most of the dental issues can be prevented with better preventive measures. We take a very proactive approach to diagnose any signs of dental issues before they even arise. Our preventive dental care services are designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools and treatments needed to maintain optimal oral health throughout your life. With a focus on education, early detection, and personalized care, we are committed to helping you achieve a bright, confident smile that lasts a lifetime.

Fun fact –

Most dental insurance plans cover 100% of preventive treatment because they know the importance and its long-term benefits exceed the cost.

Even if you don’t have a dental insurance, we strongly recommend regular preventive dental care. It’s very cost-effective and contributes to better overall health.

Personal note from Dr. Sekhon – Schedule and keep your regular preventive appointments (every 6, 4, or 3 months), so you can maintain your optimal oral care.

Regular Preventive Dental Care
We offer a wide range of preventive dental care to cater to your specific needs. Our preventive services include:

Regular Checkup – We recommend regular checkups every six months to monitor your oral health, perform cleanings, and address any emerging concerns.

Teeth Cleaning – Removal of build-up and plaque that can lead to gum disease. Periodontal disease has been associated with various systemic diseases. We educate our patients on the importance of oral health. We use gentle yet effective cleaning techniques to ensure that our patients’ teeth are healthy and bright.

Dental Examinations – Comprehensive exams help us diagnose dental issues like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer in their early stages and avoid any complications in the future. These exams allow us to provide timely treatment and minimize the cost and increase the effectiveness of the treatment. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatment.

Fluoride Treatments – A preventive measure to help protect teeth from decay by strengthening the enamel. We offer in-office fluoride treatments to keep your teeth healthy. Fluoride treatments are very benefcials for children and adults who have higher risks of cavities.

Dental Sealants – Sealants provide a protective barrier on the chewing surfaces of molars, preventing cavities in hard-to-clean areas.

Education/Feedback/Tips – During your regular checkup, we educate you on how to maintain proper oral care and provide feedback on things that you are already doing such as flossing, brushing twice a day, and many more. We also provide helpful tips on effective dental care in between your visits, empowering you to take control of your smile.

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Please email us your previous X-Rays and dental records to as these will provide valuable insights into your oral health history. Don’t worry if you don’t have them! We will take them for you!