Dental Hygiene 101 – How to prevent cavities?

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“Remember to brush and floss every day!” Most of our dental visits end with this reminder. Why do we have to follow this dental advice? To avoid cavities. One in four adults in the United States alone suffers from cavities. It has also been estimated that tooth decay is the second most infectious disease that people endure, the first being the common cold.

Top Four Tips to Prevent Cavities

Most of us neglect oral health, but it is one of the most essential parts of our lives that we have to take care of. So, let’s take a look at the four tips that can help you to prevent cavities.

1.      Know the risk level of your cavity

The first step in preventing cavities is that you should know what your cavity risk level is. The most efficient way to analyze this is by visiting your dentist and having a thorough dental exam. With this examination, you will know your cavity risk level along with the treatments that you may need. Another thing that is knowing your risk level will do is that you’ll know how many dental visits you’ll need.

2.      Brush your teeth regularly

This is one of the most obvious tips and we have been hearing this long before we took our first steps. The sugars present in our drinks and food will give rise to dental plaque that will, in turn, enhance the risk of acquiring cavities. Brushing your teeth regularly will help you get rid of this plaque and keep cavities far away. If you want to have healthy teeth, don’t forget to brush before you go to sleep. In this way, you won’t have bacteria lingering on your beautiful teeth.

3.      Cut back on acidic and sugary drinks

Who doesn’t want a flaming hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning? That’s how most of us get the energy to get out of bed, right? But did you know that prolonged exposure of your teeth to sugary cups of coffee can lead to immense cavities? Yes, that’s right. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your coffee. Just keep it to less than 20 minutes and rinse your mouth with water immediately after drinking.

4.      Don’t forget to floss!

Flossing requires effort, and not all of us are willing to put that much into our oral health. But flossing is one of the essential parts of our oral health routine. Consider that our teeth have 5 sides in total. Brushing only cleans three sides. So, how can we clean the rest of the sides? By flossing. Flossing only takes a couple of minutes, but it certainly does wonders. To prevent cavities, you should floss after every meal or before going to bed.

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