Beyond Mints: Effective Ways to Overcome Bad Breath

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Imagine you walk up to a friend or colleague, and their expressions change when talking to you. You ask them the reason for their discomfort, but they shrug it off. In such situations, the reason is usually bad breath. However, people avoid mentioning it so as not to offend others. What’s the reason for bad breath, and how can you save yourself from the embarrassment? At Sekhon Dental – Dentist Agoura Hills, we have helped many patients overcome bad breath issue.

What is Bad Breath?

Bad breath, medically known as halitosis, refers to bad-smelling breath. Studies show that one in four people have bad breath, and research also mentions that around 50% of the adult population has halitosis.

While we usually don’t have a pleasant oral smell when we wake up, sometimes, the condition might require intervention from a trusted and experienced dentist, Dr. Sekhon at Sekhon Dental – Dentist Agoura Hills.

What Causes Bad Breath?

Internal Factors

Systemic diseases like diabetes, GI disturbance, respiratory infection, kidney or liver failure, and lung infection are among widely reported internal factors regarding bad breath.

Internal factors leading to halitosis may also include the over function of the odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria produce volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) like hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan, which cause bad breath.

External Factors

People using alcohol and tobacco may experience bad breath. Furthermore, consuming foods like garlic, onions, tuna, etc., may also give you temporary bad breath.

Other Causes of Bad Breath

Some other common causes of bad breath include:

Treatment and Care for Bad Breath

The treatment of bad breath entirely depends on the underlying cause. For example, halitosis rising from a systemic health condition requires treatment of that particular problem. Similarly, you might require an appointment at Sekhon Dental in Agoura Hills to treat periodontal issues.

Other treatment options depending on the causes of bad breath are:

Cause of Halitosis Possible  Treatment/ Solution
Poor oral hygiene Preventive dental care (Brush and floss twice a day with regular use of mouthwash, tongue cleaning, and professional teeth cleaning)
Foods Avoid eating foods like onions and garlic to prevent bad breath
Oral sulfur-producing bacteria Antibiotic treatment
Chronic sinusitis Use a saline nasal spray
Dry mouth Drink more water or opt for a saliva substitute

Can I Prevent Halitosis?

Yes, you can prevent halitosis from poor oral hygiene or an issue like dry mouth or periodontal disease. Consider the following to avoid bad breath:

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