Pregnancy and Oral Health: What Expectant Mothers Need To Know

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Congratulations, this is big news and exciting time! Expecting mothers are often told not to get dental treatment during pregnancy. However, experts say every trimester is safe for preventive dental care and other dental treatment. It’s always a good idea to consult with your primary physician, OB-GYN and Dr. Sekhon at Sekhon Dental – Dentist in Agoura Hills. We have compiled a complete guide about pregnancy-related oral health issues and preventive measures. This article tells you everything you need to know about oral health as an expectant mother.

Common Oral Health Issues in Pregnant Women


Gingivitis in pregnancy, also known as pregnancy gingivitis, is one of the most common dental issues in pregnant women. Hormonal changes in the body lead to blood overflowing into the gums, resulting in swollen and bleeding gums. Ignoring periodontal care may cause pregnancy-related complications like low birth weight and premature birth.

Enamel Removal

Enamel protects teeth from damage, but continuous vomiting during pregnancy leads to enamel erosion, which can cause sensitivity; preventive dental cleaning and care helps preserve the enamel.

Pyogenic Granulomas

Pyogenic granulomas, commonly called pregnancy tumors, refer to the overgrowth of gum tissue. These tumors are non-cancerous but may bleed often and look red. They usually go away on their own, but you must consult your trusted dentist at Sekhon Dental – Dentist in Agoura Hills to rule out any complications.

Tooth Decay

Pregnancy cravings are real, but munching on junk and sugary foods can increase your chances of tooth decay, especially in women experiencing morning sickness. Furthermore, cavities and dental issues may transmit the causative bacteria to the fetus.

Loose Teeth

Increased levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body during pregnancy may lead to wobbly teeth as they cause the bones and tissues around the teeth to loosen.

How to Maintain Dental Health During Pregnancy?

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, followed by flossing and using mouthwash regularly
  • Always rinse your mouth thoroughly if you experience morning sickness to avoid enamel erosion
  • Sekhon Dental—Dentist in Agoura Hills suggests avoiding sugary foods, drinks, and chewing gum; opt for a sugar-free option instead
  • Also, avoid alcohol-based dental care products during pregnancy
  • Mention your pregnancy to the dentist so they are aware of your pregnancy and use only safe material
  • Increase your calcium and vitamin D intake to maintain healthy teeth
  • Inform your dentist when taking a new medication during pregnancy
  • Visit your dentist for preventive care and timely treatment.
  • Do not ignore post-pregnancy dental care.


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