Is Dental Treatment Safe During Covid-19?

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The sudden outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic disturbed everyone’s lives, and critical routine matters like doctor appointments were also sidelined. People stayed at home to avoid possible transmission of virus at hospitals and clinics – which is appreciable.

Apart from general physicians and family doctors, people also did not visit their dentist to get an important dental procedure done or have a checkup. However, it is going to be around two years to the first detected case of Coronavirus, and everything is getting back to normal with necessary safety precautions.

Did people not at all go to dentists during Covid-19?

Imagine that you wake up with a throbbing pain in your tooth or gum; what would you do? The first thought might not be going to a dentist amidst the increased risk of virus contraction. But, in case of unbearable pain, you have to visit the dentist eventually to get the right treatment. So, people went to the dentists, but only in case of a dental emergency and not for a routine checkup.

What did the American Dental Association (ADA) suggest about dental treatments during Covid-19?

In the initial days of Covid-19 spread and peak months, the American Dental Association and Centre of Disease Control (CDC) recommended dental clinics to stay closed except for emergency procedures. With increasing cases, healthcare workers were thought to be at the highest risk, and CDC asked people to visit medical facilities as less as they can.

But, did you know that the percentage of dentists who contracted Covid-19 was less than 1%? Yes, no more than 1% of the dentists tested positive for Covid-19. And, now, ADA believes that dental clinics should be opened for the general public to get consultation and checkups.

Is dental treatment safe during Covid-19?

If you are taking care of all guidelines and following Covid-19 safety protocols, the answer is yes. The Covid-19 situation is much better than the past year, and you can go to your dentist any day you wish. Make sure to inform your dentist of your arrival so they can ensure that not many people are present in the clinic at once. Dental procedures already involve a proper sanitary regime, including wearing masks, gloves, and protective eye gear, which reduces the chances of transmission massively. You can avoid any possibility of contraction by maintaining a safe distance and wearing a protective mask.

Safety Protocol for Dentist Visits
  • Call your dentist to inform them of your visit or get an appointment beforehand.
  • Use hand sanitizer from home, and don’t be shy of using the one available at the clinic if needed.
  • Fill out all necessary forms required to ensure you do not have any Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Comply with the policies and safety guidelines addressed by the staff.
Why should you see a dentist now?

With the sudden rise in Covid-19 cases last year, most people did not visit the dentist. As we all know, dental care is as important as other aspects of health care, and not contacting your dentist for a long time is not the best idea. It is better to follow safety protocols while going to the dentist than compromising on your dental health.

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