Sensitive Subject: Understanding And Treating Tooth Sensitivity

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If you have been feeling hot and cold when drinking or eating, you’re not alone! According to Health University of Utah, studies mention that one out of eight Americans suffer from teeth sensitivity. While sensitive teeth are a common issue, Sekhon Dental – Dentist Agoura Hills recommends understanding it for adequate preventive measures and treatment.

What is Tooth Sensitivity?

Commonly referred to as feeling hot and cold, tooth sensitivity causes a temporary yet sharp pain in your teeth while eating, drinking, or brushing. Our teeth identify hot, cold, and other food attributes, but sensitivity results in an exaggerated response to these stimuli.

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity typically results from exposed roots and nerves. Exposed roots have tiny tubules leading to the tooth’s pulp, which results in the pain you feel because of the heat and cold. You may also experience sensitive teeth because of worn tooth enamel and cavities.

Some other causes of tooth sensitivity include:

How to Treat Sensitive Teeth?

Sekhon Dental – Dentist Agoura Hills suggests the following for sensitive teeth:

Desensitizing Toothpaste

Multiple desensitizing toothpaste brands contain components that help reduce sensitivity. Apply the toothpaste to the sensitive area for a few seconds to prevent feeling hot and cold.

Soft-bristled Brush

Using the right brush is critical to oral health and preventing sensitivity. It helps promote gentle brushing and maintains enamel for healthy teeth.

Fluoride Mouthwash

Add fluoride mouthwash and toothpaste to your oral healthcare regimen as fluoride promotes remineralization and prevents tooth damage.


Nightguards and mouthguards are critical to avoiding teeth grinding and clenching at night, which may cause tooth sensitivity issues.

Professional Treatment

If the above-mentioned dental hygiene elements do not offer satisfactory results, your dentist may recommend any of the following treatments:

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